With the awareness that production is performed with scarce resources in the world, we aim to create awareness in the use of resources by complying with national and international rules related to environment and occupational safety and to benefit our country and the world with this awareness.

Energy resources in the world are scarce, and considering this situation, we want to leave a cleaner, more livable world to future generations.

Slide We fight against environmental problems together by supporting the engineering studies of universities for alternative energy sources. We manufacture wind turbine parts in the alternative energy sector. We contribute to the solution in terms of emissions by meeting the demands of the alternative energy sector.

We aim to minimize the risks that may occur by considering the human and environmental impact and to improve the environmental and occupational safety conditions together with all employees. For this purpose, during the execution of our activities;

  • We will comply with all legal regulations and other international agreements on Environmental and OHS issues in force
  • We will monitor and measure the performance and effectiveness of the Management System and ensure the continuity of these activities, and ensure continuous improvement of Environmental and OHS performance,
  • We will provide the necessary training for this purpose,
  • To determine the environmental effects and OHS risks that may occur as a result of our activities and to minimize these risks,
  • To take adequate measures to ensure the safety of all our employees, subcontractors and our guests
  • We undertake to announce our environment and OHS policy to all persons working on behalf of Kardökmak and to keep it open to the society and all relevant organizations.