With Experience and Knowledge

Our the foundry is one of the largest foundry in Turkey with a closed area of 26,536 m² and an annual installed capacity of 15,000 tons. Our foundry has been operating with more than 70 years of experience with its pattern shop, mold area and annealing furnaces.

Slide With 5 axis CNCs used for modeling, it produces models that provide both quality and cost advantage in a short time. With more than 70 years of experience, more than 15 thousand patterns are stored in a specially protected stock warehouse. In the Kardökmak patternshop, wooden, styrofoam and cast iron pattern can be manufactured.

Kardökmak can cast steel up to 200 tons.

Kardökmak casts cast iron and nodular cast iron up to 40 tons with induction and arc furnaces.

Slide Kardokmak Inc. has the largest steel foundry capacity with casting capacity of 200 tons of steel in Turkey. Manufactured from the ore, we are the only manufacturer in Turkey with permeated liquid mine quality in vacuum degassing.

Our foundry provides service with its pattern shop, mold area, annealing furnaces and more than 70 years of experience.

Our foundry, which has a share in the construction of a country in the past, works for the technology of the future by keeping innovative ideas in the foreground with its mission

Slide We apply normalization, tempering, and stress relieving to the casted parts with our own heat treatment furnaces.”