With Experience and Knowledge

Our workshops, which meet the demands of different sectors, operates with more than 50 years of experience. Our workshops, which serve different sectors, especially mining, energy, cement, maritime and iron and steel sectors, by keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront with our sustainable solutions, can manufacture many different mechanical parts with a wide range of machining capacity.

Slide We find quality and customer-oriented solutions with a wide range of machining capacity.

With innovative solutions, it is aimed to achieve high performance and long operatinal times in the parts we manufacture.

It is aimed to increase productivity by handling the demands from our customers with innovative ideas. The parts we manufacture are under Kardökmak warranty.

Slide Our workshops have been offering industrial solutions since 1940 with experienced engineers and operators.

Our workshop, which was founded in 1940, meets the spare parts and equipment needs of heavy industry in a closed area of approximately 14.500 m² and 4 main halls.

Offering solutions with a wide range of high machinig capacity, Kardökmak operates in various regions of the world by carrying out turnkey projects with its experience from the past.