We attach importance to quality by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

We aim to increase the productivity of our customers with a policy of continuous improvement.

We always base on quality in the parts we manufacture.

We do not only manufacture parts for our customers, we provide solutions to their problems and contribute to their

productivity with our parts with long service cycle.

Slide Quality is an indispensable principle for our company and we always provide this service in our internationally accredited laboratory based on international standards.

With our competent quality control team and equipment,

we carry out ultrasonic testing, magnetic testing, radiographic testing, penetrant testing, measurement controls

and non-destructive testing processes in-house.

Slide We prioritize customer satisfaction while manufacturing parts with a long service cycle with our continuous improvement policy.

Our laboratory; microscope, automatic baking device, automatic sanding and polishing device, hardness (HB HRC HS) measuring devices, ultrasonic control devices, notch impact test devices, magnetic and penetrant devices, annealing furnace, spectrometer and calibration devices.

Slide Our accredited laboratory reports according to EN 17205 standard.